Lee-Harvard: The Suburb in the City

The Lee-Harvard neighborhood of Cleveland is a “suburb in the city.” Largely developed in the mid-twentieth century, the neighborhood features street after street of post-WWII housing. In partnership with Cleveland Councilman Joe Jones and others, the Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS) is developing the cultural history of Lee-Harvard. We are documenting the remarkable story of this community, which encompasses Lee-Seville and the “Village” (formerly the Village of Miles Heights), and assisting today’s homeowners in maintaining their properties. Today’s Lee-Harvard remains a strong community and a wonderful area to raise a family.

Tour several significant historic landmarks in the neighborhood with the click of a mouse through this interactive map.

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In 2016, in collaboration with Councilman Pruitt, the Harvard Community Services Center, and Cleveland State University’s Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, CRS presented two discussions that explored the cultural heritage of the Lee-Harvard neighborhood. Todd M. Michney, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo and Visiting Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, presented his research on Lee-Harvard. Dr. Michney is an expert in African-American history. Click on the buttons below to watch videos from these lectures.

Lee-Harvard offers a positive story of success. Many of today’s African-American leaders, both in Cleveland and beyond, came up in Ward 1. The predecessor Village of Miles Heights was racially integrated in the 1920s, and elected one of the first African-American mayors in the State of Ohio in 1929. The larger Lee- Harvard community established many of the first citizen’s councils and neighborhood associations in the region, and residents are still known for their strong community involvement and activism. Click on the buttons below to learn more about Lee-Harvard’s fascinating heritage. You will hear firsthand accounts from Lee-Harvard residents and see images from the neighborhood. Additionally, CRS continues to write the history of this area - and you can participate in its scripting! Be part of our collaborative effort to tell the stories of the greater Lee-Harvard neighborhood - its people, its institutions and its remarkable heritage. Click here to contact CRS about how you can take part!

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