Preserving Our Values in a Time of Crisis 

We want you to know that you matter to us. We care about your well-being.
Never in our lifetimes have we become more acutely aware of our enduring universal values, our place in the world and our global connectedness. It is this interconnectedness that truly matters – being close to our family and friends, to our colleagues. We are all part of this one planet, Mother Earth. 
Just a few short weeks ago, we did not imagine the magnitude of our worldwide networks, nor the difficulty of “social distancing” from treasured friends, neighbors and even our closest family members. We had no understanding of what social distancing even meant! Yet we are adapting to the “new normal,” albeit temporarily, in order to save our own lives and each other’s.
Neither do we want to take for granted the places where we live, and even the places where we don’t. During this global pandemic, we at the Cleveland Restoration Society remain committed to the use of the powerful tool of historic preservation to give meaning to our lives. At the core of our mission is the vitality of our diverse communities, the strengthening of our regional economy and enhancing the quality of our lives. This is the place where we all live, work and play. What we can do to make it better is what matters.
Like many of you, the Society has transitioned to telecommuting. We’re working diligently from our homes, utilizing the latest technology as a means of communicating with each other and with you, our trusted community partners and stakeholders. While we have postponed our annual Community Luncheon until September 11th, we have been propelled to connect and engage in new, exciting and innovative ways.  
For example, site visits and technical assistance through our Heritage Home ProgramSM remain available via Zoom video conference calling, by telephone appointment or by email. You may also request placement on our waiting list for an old-fashioned in-person site visit, once Ohio’s “stay at home order” expires. Send an email to or call the Heritage main line at (216) 426-3116 to let us know which you prefer.
We are still working on our various projects, including the African American Civil Rights Trail. Our popular SNOOP! tours have been suspended, at least in the traditional sense. However, we’re working to find ways for you to SNOOP! around virtually. We will soon be publishing another issue of our magazine, Facade.
To help pass the time, consider reading our new book, The Making of Cleveland’s Black Suburb in the City: Lee-Seville and Lee-Harvard. The story of these neighborhoods in southeast Cleveland is both interesting and inspiring. You can order the book on our website We are exploring the idea of starting a book club—let us know if you are interested in joining us!
Please take care and reach out to us in any way that works for you. 
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Kathleen H. Crowther

President, Cleveland Restoration Society