Sacred Landmarks Support Initiative

The legacy of Cleveland's ecclesiastical architecture is the focus of our Sacred Landmarks Support Initiative, an interdenominational initiative that assists congregations in Northeast Ohio with the preservation of their historic properties.

Northeast Ohio is blessed with hundreds of historically significant religious properties that represent the finest craftsmanship and architectural talent of their day. These buildings reflect and embody the spiritual and cultural traditions of their congregations, whose rich histories are still evident.

But over the last few decades, many of these properties have suffered a slow physical deterioration due to changing congregations, declining revenues and lack of financial and technical resources.

Overwhelmed by the challenges of maintaining their buildings, performing repairs and hosting community outreach programs, congregations can turn to the Sacred Landmarks Support Initiative for reliable, impartial technical assistance that encourages and fosters proactive and sound property management.

Assistance is available on-site, over the phone or e-mail, and through property stewardship workshops and seminars. Congregations also can request help with identifying and prioritizing needed work, identifying contractors, and reviewing specifications and bids. Additional information on fund-raising, shared space, accessibility, re-use projects, energy conservation, organs and stained glass is available through the Sacred Landmarks Support Initiative.

This project was made possible with the support of the Ohio History Connection.

If you have a question about a specific topic related to sacred landmarks or the resources available, please contact:

Margaret Lann
Cleveland Restoration Society
3751 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
ph: (216) 426-3101