Completed in 1922, this Van Sweringen demonstration home was designed by the presitigous firm of Howell & Thomas to demonstrate the quality of design and construction that one could expect in the new development of Shaker Heights. Far from its origins, by 2013 this property had been neglected, vandalized and foreclosed upon. It was declared a nuisance by the City of Shaker Heights and sat uninhabitable. Cleveland Restoration Society was able to achieve something that the Mayor of Shaker Heights said would not have been possible even for the City to accomplish. After relieving the property of $673,000 in liens and gaining control of the title, CRS stabilized the property, and made it ready for sale to a local investor. The property sold in 2016 to a residential developer, was then fully renovated and is now lovingly cared for by a new owner.  The transfer of sale on this property is accompanied by an easement put in place by CRS, ensuring its historic features will remain forever intact.

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