The Cleveland Restoration Society has been working in partnership with City of Shaker Heights to rehabilitate 18520 Winslow Road. This property, located in the Shaker Village National Register Historic District, and locally landmarked as part of Shaker’s Winslow Road Historic District, was threatened with demolition . Since May of 2018, steps have been taken to stabilize and renovate the property including extensive carpentry repairs, new front and back porches, a new roof and two new chimneys, plus a fresh paint job. Rehabilitating the home will allow 18520 Winslow Road to return to the real estate market at a comparable price point to neighboring homes. Cleveland Restoration Society hopes this home will find a new owner to love and care for it!

Take a look at the picture gallery below to see the great work done by our project partners at Cornerstone Masonry Construction and Restoration, Custom Craft Builders, Revolutionary Painting, McNulty Roofing Company, and the Great Garage Company. A special thanks to for donating a dumpster for interior clean out!