Downtown Cleveland

The Cleveland Restoration Society was founded in 1972 as a downtown advocacy group after the loss of some important historic resources. We realize that maintaining a vibrant downtown is crucial to growing and maintaining a vibrant region. Historic buildings and historic preservation tax incentives have played an important role in the renaissance of the Historic Warehouse, Gateway, and Playhouse Square neighborhoods.

economic_preservation midcentury_modern brown

We continue to be committed to the preservation of Cleveland’s urban core and balancing preservation with economic development. 


Today, several high-rise buildings downtown are empty or under-utilized. Many from the Midcentury modern era are encountering issues of material conservation and energy efficiency.

Downtown buildings between East 9th and 12th on Euclid Avenue are awaiting adaptive use and rehabilitation.



How You Can Help

For more information on how you can help save these resources or to join the Society's Advocacy and Public Policy Committee, call (216) 426-1000.