Professional Staff

The Cleveland Restoration Society has a highly educated, well-trained, and dedicated professional staff. Most of the staff have advanced degrees and many receive regular training from a variety of sources, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Kathleen H. Crowther President
(216) 426-3105

Thomas Jorgensen Chief Operating Officer
(216) 426-3108

Stephanie Allen Marketing and Events Specialist
(216) 426-3106

Jessica Beam Heritage Home Program Assistant
(216) 426-3107

Liz Cardarelli Heritage Home Program Associate
(216) 426-3112

Job Christiansen Membership and Technology Associate
(216) 426-3117

Michael Fleenor Director of Preservation Services
(216) 426-3109

Debra Gulick Business & Accounting Manager
(216) 426-3104

Emma Kopp Heritage Home Program Assistant
(216) 426-3103

Margaret Lann Manager of Development & Publications
(216) 426-3101

Dean Pavlik Preservation Construction Specialist
(216) 426-3102

Heather Smith Administrative Assistant
(216) 426-3111